Friday, November 30, 2018

135-week countdown!

Happy last day of November, patrons!

Welcome to the next installment of our Omni-fest countdown. Only 135 weeks to go. Better start packing now! The last week has been wonderfully busy. The omni-fest site has been spruced up and programming listed for each day.

Additionally, we now have a monthly publishing schedule that will take us from January 2020 all the way through December 2024. Yep, we’ll be publishing something every month, with your help. Not only will your support here on Patreon keep us going, but the artistic contributions made by you and your loved ones are welcome as part of our anthologies or stand-alone short stories.

Our next update will include info on our new  Omni Surprise Parcels, themed subscription boxes to commence in January.

For now, wishing you a fun-filled weekend full of holiday cheer. Cheriste som.