Saturday, November 17, 2018

136-week countdown!

Felilum, Dim Q Omnians. I’m Joy, your hostess as we count down the weeks to Omni-fest. Being in the midst of my Aetherean studies, I’ve lost a bit of my corporeality and don’t show up well on camera, but I can still speak to you and communicate digitally.

Thanks to our Patreon patrons, we already have money in the coffers to go toward a down payment on our fest weekend venue. Between now and then, we have lots in store including more anthologies to publish such as Besties & Beasties and other creatures in verse, artist spotlights like the one posted about Michael Malanga who served as the spokesguy in our Patreon intro video, exclusive content such as the Saliolum celebrations booklet posted a few days back, and so on.

As for myself, I’ll be working on parts 5 through 7 of Peyton Drake’s omni tale over the next 7 months, including characters custom-created by our patrons. Wishing you all a happy day of feasting and gratitude.