Thursday, December 6, 2018

134-week countdown!

Happy holidays, patrons!

Welcome to our 134-week video countdown to omni-fest. I’m delighted to say we have new patrons since last week, and new offerings in store, starting with our themed Omni Surprise Parcels. There’s a different them each month, and all are available for ordering now. Choose either a 6-item or 9-item package — They make great gifts hint hint. Till next time, have a beautiful holiday and enjoy the magic of the season. I’m off to make cocoa and quality control sample some Christmas cookies.
Happy holidays, patrons! Cheriste som.

Check out our Omni Surprise Parcels here.

Friday, November 30, 2018

135-week countdown!

Happy last day of November, patrons!

Welcome to the next installment of our Omni-fest countdown. Only 135 weeks to go. Better start packing now! The last week has been wonderfully busy. The omni-fest site has been spruced up and programming listed for each day.

Additionally, we now have a monthly publishing schedule that will take us from January 2020 all the way through December 2024. Yep, we’ll be publishing something every month, with your help. Not only will your support here on Patreon keep us going, but the artistic contributions made by you and your loved ones are welcome as part of our anthologies or stand-alone short stories.

Our next update will include info on our new  Omni Surprise Parcels, themed subscription boxes to commence in January.

For now, wishing you a fun-filled weekend full of holiday cheer. Cheriste som.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Outdoor Fitness

Our outdoor offerings include basic activities and those specific to fans of the academy. Here are some ideas as to what you can expect:

  • El Dorado Park Nature Center walk
  • Morning Tao Cheng - an elements-based practice similar to a combination of Tai Chi and Qi Gong
  • Bula - lawn bowling with a twist
  • Mermaids in Motion - pool activity
  • Squallix - 'water polo' game
  • Moving meditations

Saturday, November 17, 2018

136-week countdown!

Felilum, Dim Q Omnians. I’m Joy, your hostess as we count down the weeks to Omni-fest. Being in the midst of my Aetherean studies, I’ve lost a bit of my corporeality and don’t show up well on camera, but I can still speak to you and communicate digitally.

Thanks to our Patreon patrons, we already have money in the coffers to go toward a down payment on our fest weekend venue. Between now and then, we have lots in store including more anthologies to publish such as Besties & Beasties and other creatures in verse, artist spotlights like the one posted about Michael Malanga who served as the spokesguy in our Patreon intro video, exclusive content such as the Saliolum celebrations booklet posted a few days back, and so on.

As for myself, I’ll be working on parts 5 through 7 of Peyton Drake’s omni tale over the next 7 months, including characters custom-created by our patrons. Wishing you all a happy day of feasting and gratitude.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Crafty person needed

Seeking a chairperson for Omni-fest's HANDCRAFTS committee. Volunteer post involves serving as liaison for those offering crafts at the festival and acting as point person for the crafts room staff. Perqs include:
  • promotion on associated website & social media (with links) for 2 years (July 2019-21)
  • weekend pass to the festival
  • ad in festival playbill 
  • select meals during the festival
  • preferential invitation to teach a simple 45-minute craft workshop (This is optional. Instructor time to be donated. Materials fees to be collected from participants who sign up in advance. On-the-spot attendees accepted at the discretion of the class leader.)
  • good karma <3

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Public Relations & Promotions chairgal appointed

We're chuffed to announce our Roundtable's first chairperson. Cindy Freeman - True Visions Media has nobly volunteered to oversee Omni-fest's PUBLIC RELATIONS & PROMOTIONS department. Please give her a hand!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Touching down in the LBC

Prepare for a whirlwind weekend when you dive through your nearest portal and touchdown in Long Beach, California, for Omni-fest's inaugural event. The area teems with waterways, indie eateries, boutique shopping, and attractions. Looking forward to confabbing with you in 2020!