Weekend Rebels

If you're a member of the Song of the Sun rebellion, the scourge of the omniverse, Omni-fest is a ripe opportunity to wreak havoc on Axis and their government. While at Omni-fest, you will have numerous occasions to engage in rebellious behavior with your brethren. Activities to include:
  • Disruption of Friday night's charity auction
  • Highjacking of the Saturday morning holocast
  • Heckling of Dim Q plenipotentiary JS Devivre at her Saturday Splitz Q&A
  • Poisoning of the Potions conjured Saturday evening
  • Participation in the Saturday night Talent Spectacle as a means of recruiting new blood
  • Creation of a diabolical villain at the Create Your Own Character workshop on Sunday
  • Organized kidnapping of a revered Omnian
  • Flash mobbing or mob flashing - whichever works best
  • Ongoing pranking & punking